Rafts are a most common object in Raft Wars. Hence the name, they are required to proceed with a war against bad guys. The raft consisting of Simon and his brother is the starting raft of the series. The raft can be upgraded with credits that are earned during the course of each war. The upgrades may consist of additional friends helping out during a raft war.

Raft ListEdit

Below is a list of all known raft types in the series, with a brief description.

Standard RaftEdit

The standard raft is the very raft used in the series. Only Simon and his brother appear on it. It becomes upgraded when over 1500 credits are earned. It has an orange beanbag raft on the front and a yellow duck raft on the back, basically tied together.

Raft with Dog on backEdit

The raft with the dog is a bit bigger and has a dog on it. Upgrading the raft again gives a friend. Ditto as the standard raft.

Raft with Friend Edit

Another friend is acquired on the raft, as well as a heightened base to protect against underwater projectiles. By playing, it is known that the airbags are projectile-proof. There are two black airbags, a black floor,� a black wall on the back and some black walls on the sides with a white stripe.

Heightened Sub-base Edit

The base where Simon's brother is standing is raised to encourage aim. You can shoot higher from it. It has two black tyres (probably for defence against being thrown to the back), a white high base, 4 brown stairs, 1 black tyre at the back and front. It also has two airbags, and this is the best raft in the game.